200+ fountainscapes installed

A Personalized Fountain To Show Off Your Own Style

If you’re having a hard time giving your family a reason to spend more time outdoors, a fountainscape can become that central point for everybody to gather around and reconnect.

Let your creativity flow, share your vision with us, and we’ll help you design a stunning fountain that reflects your style and taste. Your home landscape will be sophisticated and luxurious.

Give your neighbors a reason to admire your yard and increase your home’s curb appeal. Get connected with nature and slow down from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine.

Make The Most Out Of Your Space And Budget

A large pond or water feature with fish, streams, and waterfalls is typically what homeowners think of when they want a water feature. But not all backyards can accommodate a pond, and you may not have a big enough budget for that. A fountainscape allows you to enjoy the benefits of running water after a hard day at work without spending a fortune.

With a custom-styled fountainscape you can make the most of your limited space and still enjoy a water feature at a price that better works for you. There are many fountainscape styles and designs you can choose from to give your outdoor space more character and And they all require close to zero maintenance.

Here are some of the most popular fountainscape styles you can get:

Three fountain bowls progressively smaller with water flowing from one into the other

How It Works

Just because your space is limited doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your own water feature. We’ll get you your dream fountainscape installed fast and without any hassle on your part.

Phone call icon.

1. Get In Touch With Us

Give us a call and let us know more about what you have in mind for your outdoor space and the budget you have available for your fountainscape.

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2. We Work Our Magic

We’ll have an on-site consultation where we’ll go over what type of fountainscape fits your space best, fill you in on some technical aspects, then get your fountainscape up and running.

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3. Enjoy Your Fountainscape

After making sure everything is perfect, we invite you to take a step back and enjoy your new and complete outdoor living space.

Fountainscape Prices

Small basalt column fountain, with a small bird drinking water above it.

Basic Fountainscape*


Includes a simple basalt column-styled fountain with a pump and decorative gravel.

Medium basalt column fountain, with green plants around and lighting at night.

Medium Fountainscape*


Includes a simple basalt column-style fountain with pump, lights, plants, and decorative gravel.

Average fountain with 3 large clay pots ensemble, bricks base, and lots of green plants around.

Average Fountainscape*


Includes a basic triple fountain with all the standard decoration and function.

Large, complex ensemble of stone rocks fountain, with waterfalls on different levels, lighting at night, and plants all around it.

High-End Fountainscape*


Includes a complex triple fountain on different levels and heights, complete with lights and plant decoration.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the size of the fountainscape and your choice of style and material. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique fountainscape installation after the in-house consultation.

Fountainscape Portfolio

Take a look at some of the projects we’ve completed over the years to get an idea of all the possibilities you have for your water feature.


Ponds Constructed And Renovated


Ponds Repaired


Ponds Maintained


Fountainscapes Created


Pondless Water Features Built

Here’s What Our Customers Say

Our clients have always been a huge part of our success. We have proudly served Bay Area communities since 1999. Hear directly from our clients how we’ve helped thousands of water feature owners design and maintain their water garden over the years.


An artist with integrity! It is amazing that such a small space at our home entry can become such an eye-catching, beautiful sounding conversation piece.

After 14 years in our home, I asked Cash “what can you do with this space?”. He created a raised, pondless fountainscape with various rock, plant and ground cover features.

The LED lighting makes coming home in the evening a special treat each time we enter our home. Thank you! I highly recommend.



The company was very thorough in getting as much information about what was needed up front including pictures.

They were very clear on expectations and costs. He arrived as scheduled and did a fantastic job cleaning up a waterfall fountain that had not been cleaned in years.

I am very impressed by his efficiency and thoroughness.

I will definitely hire this company again for cleaning and maintenance of my backyard water feature.



Cash, Lawrence and Scott worked diligently in and out of the office as a great team to get our small fountain/fish pond refresh.

We recently moved into a home that had an existing fish filled fountain that was so murky we weren’t even aware there were fish in it til a few weeks after we moved in.

Researched who to call, found great reviews for them and shot off an email. Received speedy follow up to every communication I sent. (I sent A LOT of communications. LOL!) They cleaned and power washed fountain, reconditioned the water for the little critters and now I have happy fish swimming all around.

We plan on scheduling bi-annual fountain cleanings with them to maintain it moving forward. Excellent customer service and quality work.


Elevate Your Backyard Experience With A Fountainscape Designed For Any Space