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Your Personalized Water Garden The Way You Want It

Our process is designed in such a way to make it as easy and stress-free for you as possible. You give us the details of what your dream yard looks like and we make it happen for you, it’s as simple as that. You can rest easy and watch us get our hands dirty and build your dream. It’s what we love to do.

More than that, our process ensures maximum efficiency and our workmanship is unmatched when it comes to artistry and detail. Our experience and passion has allowed us to advance further than our peers in the pond world so you can expect top-class work from us. We won’t stop until you’re satisfied.

5 Easy Steps Towards Your Dream Water Feature

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1. Get In Touch

Fill out our form and let us know what we can help with. We’ll have a phone consultation to get a better understanding of the job at hand. We also ask that you send us some pictures of the space you want to transform.

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2. On-Site Consultation

Our on-site consultation is $500. It includes us coming over to your home, inspecting your landscape, discussing your idea, and giving you our professional advice on how you can fully optimize your space and elevate your home landscape. We’ll also discuss the budget, the project timeline, and fit you into our schedule.

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3. We Get To Work

We waste no time and get to work so that you can enjoy your dream backyard as soon as possible. Watch us transform your backyard with our professional and unparalleled workmanship that guarantees you’ll get your money’s worth in return.

4. Post-Job Walkthrough

After creating your water feature and cleaning everything up, we walk through your completed project and make sure everything is to your liking. We won’t leave until it’s just the way you want it to be.

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5. Love Your Water Feature

Once we make sure that you are happy with our work we will show you how to maintain your water feature and keep it clean and functional. Enjoy peace of mind with our 3-days, 3-weeks, and 3-months follow-up plan that ensures your water feature is in top condition. All that’s left now is for you to enjoy and celebrate your new and improved backyard.

Media And Awards

Bay Area Waterscapes has been featured on various television shows on the DIY network such as Turf Wars and Yard Crashers. We were also involved with several episodes of Pool Masters on Animal Planet.

We are also the proud recipients of numerous awards from the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show as a master gardener in the following arenas:

Here’s What Our Customers Say

Our clients have always been a huge part of our success. We have proudly served Bay Area communities since 1999. Hear directly from our clients how we’ve helped thousands of water feature owners design and maintain their water garden over the years.


Cash French of Bay Area Waterscapes (aka French’s Waterscapes) is one of those rare business owners who can wear many hats and pull it off.

I have consulted with him to repair a pond and found it to be an experience I will not forget. He is professional, yet very approachable.

He is very present, an attentive listener, and intuitive. Cash is a direct, candid and frank communicator with his clients, which goes a long way to instilling trust and confidence.

He is an expert in his field and understands the technical side of his water features, yet this does not inhibit his exquisite aesthetics and artistic craftsmanship.

Cash is a generous collaborator and a man with a passion for his work and compassion for his colleagues. He can also be rather entertaining and a fun guy!

I highly recommend Cash French of Bay Area Waterscapes for all aspects of water feature design, installation, repair and maintenance.



We recently hired Cash French to completely redo our pond which is at the front entrance of our home. We needed to do something to make this a focal point . Cash looked at the pond and immediately knew what we were looking for… a beautiful waterscape to enhance the entire front entrance.

The old pond never had skimmers nor biofilters and was apparently leaking, so he relined the whole pond, set skimmer and biofilter in place. He then covered everything in pebbles and rocks and now the pond looks great.

Cash is a true artist, he had a vision of what he was going to do with the pond and worked with great enthusiasm. He did the work very quickly, a fraction of the time estimated by others.

We find ourselves very fortunate indeed to have come across Cash French and would highly recommend him to others.


Take Advantage Of Our Easy Process And Get The Dream Backyard You Deserve