500+ ponds repaired and brought back to life

Large pond with outdoor patio, stone walls, green treese, and big koi fish

A Pond Repair That Lasts

A murky, smelly pond is not something you want in your backyard, especially when you want to bring your friends over for a barbeque and enjoy the fresh outdoors.

While most ponds look very natural, they require lots of skill to keep everything running smoothly. A malfunctioning pond is not only unsightly, it can also be unsanitary for you and a threat to the health of your fish and other wildlife.

To get to the bottom of the issue, we’ll first perform an Exploratory Drain & Clean to expose the pond lining. Then we’ll check for any leaks and test if all the equipment is running optimally. Once we identify the issues, we get to work and bring your pond back to its top shape in no time.

We specialize in the following pond repairs:

Keep Your Pond Looking Good And Attractive

As a homeowner, the impression you and your home leave on guests, neighbors, and family members is important. Let your friends and neighbors know that you are a caring, attentive person who takes pride in keeping their home in great shape by repairing your malfunctioning or dirty pond.

You’ll not only increase your home’s curb appeal, but you’ll transform your backyard into a beautiful and inviting place. We repair and even upgrade your existing pond to keep your home attractive and welcoming.

Sometimes all it takes for your pond to run properly is a professional maintenance job and a good clean. Most pond repairs require an Exploratory Drain & Clean first before any kind of repair can be made.

How It Works

If you suspect something is wrong with your pond, get in touch with us. We’ll get to the bottom of the issue and repair it so that you can enjoy your backyard soon.

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1. Get In Touch With Us

Give us a call and describe the issues you’re having with your pond. We’ll plan for the Exploratory Drain & Clean, inspect your pond to identify the problem, and prepare for the best course of action.

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2. We Repair Your Pond

We come on site, perform the Exploratory Drain & Clean, and go over some of the technical details. We then start repairing your pond so you can enjoy your water feature to the fullest.

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3. Enjoy Your New Water Feature

Get ready to enjoy a functional, clean pond without worrying about anything going wrong when you least expect it. Have everyone over for a nice time outside and celebrate your amazing backyard.

Pond Repair Prices

Leak Detection And Evaluation


Includes Exploratory Drain & Clean and analysis of water feature. Does not include renovation.

Pump Repair


Based on the size of your pond and if it’s a submermissable or outside pump. Does not include Exploratory Drain & Clean.



Based on the size of your pond and fish load. Does not include Exploratory Drain & Clean.



Can include things like lights, algae controllers, UV lights, water plants, fish health, autofill, etc. Does not include Exploratory Drain & Clean.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the size of your pond and the extent of the repairs. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique pond repair job after the in-house consultation.

Pond Repair Portfolio

Take a look at some of the projects we’ve completed over the years to get an idea of all the possibilities you have for your water feature.


Ponds Constructed And Renovated


Ponds Repaired


Ponds Maintained


Fountainscapes Created


Pondless Water Features Built

Here’s What Our Customers Say

Our clients have always been a huge part of our success. We have proudly served Bay Area communities since 1999. Hear directly from our clients how we’ve helped thousands of water feature owners design and maintain their water garden over the years.


Bay Area Waterscapes has the right approach to doing business. I was able to speak directly with the owner of the company, Cash, who has a deep knowledge and passion for his profession.

Cash’s extenstive knowledge of creating, maintaining, and troubleshooting waterscapes was so helpful as I was working through some issues with my recently built one.

He was generous with his consultation time and very upfront about pricing. He is a true professional and with that does come professional pricing but it is up front and tied to a company that wants to get the job right the first time and will also back up their work.

I highly recommend Cash and Bay Area Waterscapes and look forward to working with them more in the future as I continue to learn more about how to maintain this new eco-system that is part of my backyard.



An artist with integrity! It is amazing that such a small space at our home entry can become such an eye-catching, beautiful sounding conversation piece.

After 14 years in our home, I asked Cash “what can you do with this space?”. He created a raised, pondless water cascade with various rock, plant and ground cover features.

The LED lighting makes coming home in the evening a special treat each time we enter our home. Thank you! I highly recommend.



We just had our backyard pond and stream completely redone by Cash French and his team.

Our water feature was underwhelming and in need of ongoing repairs. We did not realize that we could really re-envision the size, scope and beauty of this important part of our property. But when we met Cash, he was able to rebuild and re-imagine it for us. He really is an artist for waterscape projects.

He and his team worked quickly and efficiently…and with such enthusiasm for how happy this new pond, stream and waterfalls would make us. His enthusiasm is infectious and he backs it up with a great finished project.

This water feature was the first phase of some major work to our property and it has now set the tone for the standard that the next contractors will need to shoot for.

It’s so great when someone can not only help you realize your vision, but actually enhance it. I highly recommend Cash and his team for design, building and ongoing support.


Get Your Pond Back To Its Former Shape And Enjoy Your Outdoor Area