300+ pondless water features created

Pondless water feature with high waterfall falling on stone stairs, surrounded by lush greenery and flowers.

Bring The Relaxing Sounds Of Flowing Water To Your Backyard

A big pond is not always the best option for your backyard or your bank account. We understand this and we want to help you utilize your space effectively so you can still enjoy your yard with your friends and family without spending a fortune.

Having a pondless water feature is the best way for you to make the most out of your backyard and bring nature closer to you.

Get ready to benefit from the healing power of running water and the mood it creates. After a hard day at the office, just step outside into your backyard, listen to the subtle sounds of water, and feel your stress melt away.

The Perfect Upgrade To Your Backyard

If you look around your home and are not happy with your hilly, uneven backyard, or feel that you need more excitement when you step into your yard, we’re here to help. Share your vision with us and we’ll help you create a backyard getaway that energizes you and makes you feel excited about coming home.

A pondless water feature is very low-maintenance and it allows you to enjoy a nice vacation without stressing about something happening to your fish or plants.

Pondless water features can blend in with any space or terrain. An uneven yard is the perfect foundation for a beautiful flowing stream with graceful waterfalls, rocky constructions, and custom lighting. Your yard is a few steps away from becoming a gorgeous water garden paradise.

pondless water feature

How It Works

You deserve to have a beautiful outdoor space to go with your gorgeous home. We can help you create your own custom water feature or water garden in just 3 easy steps.

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1. Get In Touch With Us

Give us a call and send us some pictures of your current space and tell us more about the vision you have for your backyard. We’ll talk design, budget, and timeline, and get you on our schedule.

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2. We Work Our Magic

We’ll have an on-site consultation where we’ll give you our professional advice on how you can fully optimize your space and elevate your dream before we get to work on making that dream a reality.

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3. Enjoy Your Pondless Water Feature

We do a post-job walkthrough to make sure your pondless water feature is perfect and to your liking. All that's left is for you to enjoy your new exciting space and relax by your water feature anytime you need it.

Pondless Water Feature Prices

Base Pondless Water Feature*


A 3-4 ft stream for you to enjoy.

Small pondless water feature, with a small stream, stone rocks, and exotic plants.

Average Pondless Water Feature*


A 10-15 ft stream, complete with 2-3 waterfalls, 5 waterproof lights, and aquatic plants.

high end waterfall

High-End Pondless Water Feature*


A 22 ft stream, with 3-5 waterfalls with a controllable pump, waterproof lights, autofill, and aquatic plants.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the size of your pondless water feature and your choice of materials and upgrades. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique pondless water feature after the in-house consultation.

Pondless Water Feature Portfolio

Take a look at some of the projects we’ve completed over the years to get an idea of all the possibilities you have for your water feature.


Ponds Constructed And Renovated


Ponds Repaired


Ponds Maintained


Fountainscapes Created


Pondless Water Features Built

Here’s What Our Customers Say

Our clients have always been a huge part of our success. We have proudly served Bay Area communities since 1999. Hear directly from our clients how we’ve helped thousands of water feature owners design and maintain their water garden over the years.


I am so grateful to Cash French of Bay Area Waterscapes.

The investment was huge for us to add a pondless waterfall to our backyard and the original builder told us pondless water features were “maintenance free” so, needless to say, as we entered retirement and discovered that was not the case, it was a bit scary.

Cash came to the rescue. His professionalism and commitment to the promises he makes are impeccable. It was a stressful situation and his patience was just as impeccable. He was a pleasure to have in our home and there are not too many contractors one can say that about, as any homeowner knows.

Thank you so much, Cash. If you can make yourself affordable for those such as myself to use on a regular basis, my next review will be 5 stars because you deserve 10 in every other category.

I recommend this business to anyone creating a dream in their backyard~



Cash is an artist. It’s easy to see how much pleasure he gets from creating beautiful water features. My little back yard is close to a highway, and the lovely fountain has transformed the whole garden and makes the highway seem far away.

Cash also backs up his work. For awhile my fountain wasn’t working quite right, and Cash was quick to respond to my concerns. I highly recommend his work and his integrity!



Words cannot express the peace and serenity Cash’s waterfall creation brings me in a crazy fast pased urban world. No matter what the day was like, I can relax among the sound of it. Very reasonably priced, this one of a kind beauty is one of the best investments we made for our home.

Cash took what was in my mind and made it better than my imagination. I wanted it to be natural like, pondless stream, bridge and with flat areas my little French Bulldogs could stand on to drink and be safe if they fell in. To my surprise they will walk through it, lay in the stream and drink the very safe water.

We aren’t done with the landscape yet but wanted to share this masterpiece created by the art master himself. Cash is down to earth, a good person who has a heart of gold. Not only would I recommend him but would never considered using anyone else… and we had plenty of bids. He will take what is on your heart, what you want and make it reality.


Create A Vacation Spot In Your Backyard With A Pondless Water Feature